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Sequester Scenario Seen In Privatization
November 5, 2017
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  • Air traffic control privatization could trigger government paralysis as the extra $100 billion it costs ripples through the programs that money is needed to fund, according to EAA. The organization cites a memo issued by the Congressional Research Service, which says that because of the dent in the budget caused by privatization “a sequester would be triggered, which would require across-the-board cuts to non-exempt mandatory spending programs to make up for the amount of the debt.” Legislation would be required to shore up the mandatory programs. The $100 billion cost was an estimate provided by the Congressional Budget Office.

    EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said the memo, which was sent to members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is another example why ATC privatization must be stopped. He said airlines will profit at the expense of essential programs and “that every review of the plan shows it to have a negative impact for everything except the profits of major airlines.”