First Coast Connect: Times-Union Sale; Air Traffic Controllers; APR Energy; 5 & Dime’s ‘The Call’
August 11, 2017
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  • Today on “First Coast Connect,” we discussed the surprise announcement Wednesday that Morris Communications is selling the Florida Times-Union, St. Augustine Record and other newspapers to GateHouse Media with the Poynter Institute media business analyst Rick Edmonds and WJCT business analyst and former Times-Union editor John Burr (01:14). Executive Director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America, Selena Shilad, told us why her organization opposes the proposal to privatize the nation’s air traffic controllers (27:07). APR Energy CEO John Campion talked about his Jacksonville-based company’s providing portable power facilities to South Australia (37:00), and we heard about “The Call,” the latest production from the 5 & Dime Theatre Company with founder Lee Hamby and star Erin Salem (45:56).


    Air Traffic Controllers


    A bill moving through the House of Representatives seeks to privatize the nation’s air traffic controllers. It’s supported by the White House and commercial airlines, but many rural communities fear they may lose service if air traffic controllers are eliminated at smaller airports.