Delta Flight Allegedly Delayed Two Hours Over Fighting Crew Members
July 25, 2017
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  • Flight delays occur for a range of reasons, from inclement weather to unruly passengers or flight crews who have exceeded their maximum flying time. But one issue you might not expect: a fight between the pilot and flight attendant. Yet, that’s apparently what happened to a Delta Air Lines flight.

    The New York Daily News reports that Delta-operated Endeavor Air flight 3925 bound for Portland, ME, was delayed two hours at LaGuardia Airport Monday after a clash between a pilot and a flight attendant.

    The dispute began before takeoff, when the pilot and flight attendant took part in a heated exchange, that one witness says was racist, inconsiderate, and unprofessional.

    Port Authority police responded to the altercation, in which both parties claimed they were grabbed forcefully by the other. While the Daily News reports that authorities determined neither were injured, the incident caused the plane to sit at the gate an extra two hours.

    A rep for Endeavor provided Consumerist with the following statement:

    “Endeavor Air apologizes to the customers on board Endeavor Air flight 3925, operating as Delta Connection, from LaGuardia to Portland, Maine, whose travel was inconvenienced as a result of a disagreement between two crew members. The actions of these crew members, as described, in no way reflects the respect, values and professionalism we expect from our employees.”