Small Airline Companies Speak out About Privatization of Air Traffic
July 18, 2017
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  • The U.S. House is set to vote in the coming weeks on whether or not to privatize air traffic control, a controversial proposal that is supported by President Trump.

    The Federal Aviation Administration currently regulates the system.

    Supporters of privatizing air traffic control said it would be easier to secure funding and modernize equipment under a non-profit corporation.

    But smaller plane and air taxi companies are concerned that they would lose a voice in the conversation, saying there’s a chance a private entity would favor larger airlines.

    Pilot and owner of Penobscot Island Air, Kevin Waters said “If indeed the guys making those decisions are all airline generated folks, then I think they’re going to be looking out for that and not so much for the general aviation guys or the smaller corporate guys, ourselves as an air taxi, so yeah. Modernization absolutely, privatization not so much.”

    Critics of privatization also say there will be less accountability in the proposed system and that transportation should continue to be regulated by the government.