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Cleveland Man Says Airline Lost His Elderly Father’s Medical Supplies
July 10, 2017
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  • Westlake resident Hamid Hamid says his 80-year-old father is in need of medical supplies that were lost along with his luggage when his father flew to Cleveland for medical treatment.

    Hamid’s father flew back to Chicago then home to Jordan, but his medical supplies never made it.

    Lost items include: a wheelchair, walker, shower chair and special medical shoes.

    “In that luggage, there is vital medical tools for him like a bedside commode,” Hamid told News 5.

    His father flew American Airlines to Chicago, then Royal Jordanian Airlines to Jordan.

    So who lost the luggage containing the medical supplies?

    Hamid said the airlines are blaming each other.

    American Airlines told News 5 they delivered the items to O’Hare and that Hamid should contact Royal Jordanian. He says he’s contacted that airline without any luck.

    “That luggage also has very vital things for him to survive day by day,” Hamid said.

    News 5 reached out to Royal Jordanian Airlines for a comment, but have not yet received a response.