Sean Broderick AIN ONLINE
Genav Groups Continue Rally Against ATC Reform
July 5, 2017
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  • A coalition of 36 general aviation groups have reiterated their opposition to air traffic control (ATC) reform, arguing in a letter to Congress that “any structural and governance reforms that require protections for an important sector of users are fundamentally flawed.” The groups include NATA, NBAA, GAMA, the Helicopter Association International and National Association of State Aviation Officials. 

    Sent to key lawmakers, the letter calls on Congress to abandon efforts to corporatize ATC. Instead, the pending FAA reauthorization should focus on “addressing needed reforms,” including stable multi-year FAA funding, consolidating or eliminating outdated facilities and certification reform, the GA groups said.

    “With strong bipartisan opposition in both the House and Senate to remove air traffic control operations from the FAA, we believe efforts should focus on developing a long-term FAA reauthorization that creates the stability and funding necessary and that can reach the president’s desk for signature,” the letter says.

    The letter comes on the heels of calls-to-action by several associations, urging members to contact lawmakers and oppose ATC reform. The House’s proposed FAA bill includes a provision to shift ATC into a not-for-profit corporation, while the Senate version leaves ATC within the FAA.