Washington Director of Aviation Mr. Atkins Retires After 35 Years of Excellent Services
July 3, 2017
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  • It is projected that general aviation generates about $ 50.9 billion in a good economic year. This is a tremendous support towards the job industry as the company provides approximately 248,500 jobs with a payroll of approximately $15.3 billion. According to Jay Inslee, the payroll enhances the lives of the Washington residents. This was stated in the General Aviation Monthly Appreciation celebration. With approximately 134 public airports and 19,044 pilots, the general aviation aircraft offers a state of dynamic airports to stabilize the economy. Through the services of the aircraft, there is a provision of quality lives. This is according to Tristan Atkins, the director of Washington aviation.


    According to Atkins, the division of aviation is set to update the state with information concerning the economic impact study of aviation to transportation plan research. The study comprises the objective of promoting a broad understanding of the impacts of aviation on the economy of the country. After 35 years of successful state service to the federal department, and an additional six years of service as the director of aviation for the Washington State Department of Transport, Atkins is retiring. Under the leadership of Atkins, the aviation department completed extensive landmark studies. Part of the studies includes the airport investment as well as airport investment solutions. These studies have assisted in identifying the aviation funding gaps as well as target investment in the country.


    Atkins has also helped the department in creating the State Alliance of Washington Department. This organization serves as the voice of airports as well as aviation in related interests. His services extend to his championing efforts in increasing the state airport aid program of funding projects. Atkins also transformed the office of air transport division to the regional airport. He also created an emergency center for coordination used for disaster response. This department is instrumental in increasing the aviation’s duties in Pacific Northwest. Recently, Atkins and his team received an award from the 2017 President’s Award of Washington Airport of Management Association. Also known as WAMA, this was a first-time state agency award given to the aviation department.


    As a veteran in aviation, Atkins was elated after being named the WSDOT director in 2011. Before joining this department, he was a dedicated employee at the Washington State Patrol. This was for 25 years. Atkins is a military colonel. He has served in the army as an aviator.