Sean Broderick AIN ONLINE
NATA Busts Pro-ATC Privatization ‘Myths’
July 2, 2017
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  • The National Air Transport Association (NATA), taking no chances despite mixed Congressional support for air traffic control (ATC) reform, is reiterating calls for members to voice their opposition to ATC “corporatization.” Highlighting what it calls “myths” put forth by ATC corporatization proponents, the trade group is urging members to contact lawmakers to point out the challenges that pulling ATC away from FAA would create.

    According to NATA, the calls to keep safety oversight separate from air traffic operations have no merit. “Important, constant communication between the FAA’s safety offices and ATC operation has resulted in the world’s safest, busiest, and most complex system,” it said.

    It also said that comparing the FAA system to that of other countries with dedicated ATC entities fails to take into account the U.S. National Airspace System’s size and complexity. The U.S. also is alone in the scale of its NextGen modernization effort. 

    As for claims that government can’t handle high-tech projects, NATA retorted, “The Internet. GPS. Stealth technology [are] a few” of the transformational services developed “under the supervision of the federal government.”

    NATA also refuted claims that NextGen “is a failure.” The NextGen Advisory Committee, created in 2010, has helped propel NextGen, which has delivered on 102 of 106 commitments thus far.