Privatizing: Government Has Our Backs; Companies Don’t
June 27, 2017
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  • There are so many examples of how privatizing public goods and services have ruined things. Charter schools have proven to be worse or at least no better than public schools. Private prisons fail to provide healthy meals for inmates and more deaths by neglect occur.

    And, of course, housing. The most recent example is the fire in a 24-story London public-housing apartment building run by a private contractor. The building went up in flames and people lost their lives, in part, because smoke detectors didn’t work.

    Now President Trump wants to privatize air traffic control. The current system works. I wonder how many failures it will take before we realize the government ran this system almost without fail for years. 

    My sense is that government, while somewhat inefficient, at least has our backs. Companies work for profit, but they don’t care about us as people.There are so many examples around the country.

    We need to get back to supporting those things that the government brings us, including Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.