Laura Clawson DAILY KOS
Voters oppose Trump’s Air Traffic Control Privatization Plan, Poll Finds
June 23, 2017
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  • Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are gung-ho to privatize the American air traffic control system. The American people, not so much. According to a CNBC poll, a majority of people who hear a description of the plan think it’s a bad idea:

    … in the area of ATC reform, respondents were asked about the shift to a system in which “the FAA would have some oversight…but would no longer manage the air traffic control system.” Respondents were given the following choices: “This is a good idea because the system is out of date and cannot keep pace with the significant increases in air traffic. A non-governmental entity led by aviation experts could update the system with the most reliable technology faster and less expensively, making air travel more efficient and safer” or “This is a bad idea because it would give the airlines too much control over a public asset and will give them authority to impose taxes and fees on U.S. passengers. These corporations could cut corners that serve their own interests and make it less safe and more expensive for all to fly.”

    Only 33 percent sided with “ good idea,” while 53 percent selected “bad idea.” Another 11 percent said they were not sure, while the remaining 3 percent said neither.

    Just another Republican plan that the public doesn’t want.