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100 CEOs Wrote A Letter Warning Trump Against Privatizing Air Traffic Control
June 20, 2017
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  • A group of more than 100 CEOs criticized President Donald Trump’s plan to privatize air traffic control (ATC) in a letter sent to House and Senate Leaders Monday.

    The group of business leaders argued the Trump administration should work to modify the existing ATC system rather than turning it over to a private board.

    “As members of the business community who depend on our nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system, we are writing to express our opposition to turning it over to a private board,” they wrote in the letter obtained by Fox Business. “Instead, we are committed to improving the ATC system with targeted solutions to identified challenges, and believe that is the appropriate way to enhance our aviation system.”

    The group’s letter was written in response to Trump’s June 5 announcement that he would endorse a proposal to transfer the country’s ATC system to a non profit organization run by a board of directors comprised of industry stakeholders. Supporters of privatization argue the move would allow the efficient modernization of the 60-year-old system. (RELATED: Trump Seeks To Privatize The Nation’s Air Traffic Control System)

    Critics of the privatization effort are concerned about the consequences of removing the ATC system from congressional oversight and say that a privatized system may privilege the interests of large corporations over smaller general aviation users.

    “We stand by the belief and promise from the federal government to all Americans that our nation’s airspace belongs to the public, and every person, business and community should have fair and equitable access, not just a few special interests in select cities and metropolitan areas,” the CEOs wrote.