Kate Samuelson Fortune
Woman Claims She Was ‘Kicked in the Head’ by United Airlines Employee
June 16, 2017
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  • A woman is claiming that she was kicked in the head by a United Airlines employee while she was sleeping in a nondenominational chapel in the United Airlines terminal in Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

    Lindsay Urbani said in a video interview with Click2Houston that she was napping in the chapel during a Saturday night layover in Houston on her journey from San Francisco to Belize when she “was woken up by someone kicking me in the head.”

    Urbani said she immediately got up and asked the man why he had kicked her. She said the man told her she could not sleep there, then rolled out a prayer mat and began praying. After asking the stranger for the second time why he had kicked her, Urbani claims the man told her he didn’t want her to miss her flight.

    The tearful woman said her vacation turned into nightmare because of the incident. “I’m not sleeping, I feel completely violated,” she said. “It’s honestly ruined my trip. [Crying] is all I’ve been doing the whole time.”

    Urbani’s allegation comes just days after footage emerged showing a 73-year-old man allegedly being shoved to the ground by a United worker in 2015. The man is suing the airline and two employees. CNN reported that he suffered “several injuries” at the time.

    Although United Airlines (UAL, -0.72%) did not immediately respond to Fortune’s request for comment, the airline provided a statement to Click2Houston about Urbani’s claim. “We have spoken with Ms. Urbani, and we are very concerned by the experience she shared with us,” it said. “We are urgently reviewing the matter to further understand what happened. The employee has been suspended while we review the incident.”