Taylor Plott KGWN
Cheyenne Regional Airport Looking for a Second Airline
May 4, 2017
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  •  CHEYENNE, Wyo – The search for a second airline is underway, for the most part. The Cheyenne Regional Airport and the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce met to begin the process for a search for a new airline. The process is still in the planning phase, but the airport is very hopeful.

    Right now, there is only one airline operating at the airport, Great Lakes, but that has not been a big success as of late. But, with the new terminal being built, there is a need to give travelers a second option. Part of the search is determining where people are going the most. “The top two destinations that we identified a few years ago in our most recent air service study, were Phoenix and Las Vegas.”

    Also, the airport wants to find an airline that has good customer reviews. They want an airline that will get you to your destination safely, along with having a great experience.

    There are no airlines on the list right now, but the airport is hopeful that there will be that second airline operating by the time the new terminal is finished.