Committees Formed for Dubois Airport Strategic Plan
May 2, 2017
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  • One goal that was set as part of the adoption of a strategic business plan for the DuBois Regional Airport was the establishment of some committees.

    The plan called for the committees “to provide oversight and direction to strategic goal attainment,” according to a copy of the strategic business plan.

    At the last Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority meeting, reports from those committees were heard.

    The heads of those committees are finance, Jay Chamberlain; general aviation, Dave Brennan; and marketing, Joe Varacallo. They are authority members.

    “As part of our strategic plan, we formed three committees — ad hoc committees — and this will be the first regular board meeting or authority meeting that we’re going to have reports from those committees,” authority chairman Rick Wise said.

    Chamberlain said the finance committee looked at the audit that was done about a year ago. He said the committee wanted to “make sure we’re up on all the recommendations” of the audit.

    “We instituted a plan back when we got the audit to make sure that everything’s done. We just wanted to review that to make sure that we’re still following through with everything that was in the audit, and make sure nothing is falling through the cracks.”

    Brennan said the general aviation committee’s first official meeting is Friday. He and airport manager Bob Shaffer, however, met and talked. He said the authority needs to know the intentions of Southern Airways Express, the airport’s Essential Air Service provider, regarding a building at the airport where Southern is keeping a plane overnight.