Kansas Mayors Oppose Privatizing Air Traffic Control System
March 6, 2017
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  • The mayors of Wichita, Hays, Hutchinson and Salina went on record Monday opposing any plans to privatize the air traffic control system.

    The “Alliance for Aviation Across America” released a letter to Congress, warning a private company overseeing air traffic would be “dominated by the commercial airlines.” The alliance expressed concern that key decisions about infrastructure funding, noise and other issues would be biased toward large cities “where the airlines are most profitable.”

    The letter was signed by more than 110 U.S. mayors. They include Wichita’s Jeff Longwell, Shaun Musil of Hays, Jon Daveline of Hutchinson and Kaye Crawford of Salina.

    The Alliance claims to be “non-profit, non-partisan,” representing small businesses, charities and smaller airports. The SourceWatch website claims it’s also a group which opposes higher taxes for small-jet operators.