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Possible airport expansion helped by local business partners
September 28, 2016
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  • Expansions at the La Crosse Regional Airport are becoming possible thanks to a partnership with area businesses. 

    The Airport’s ‘LSE Leaders’ program aims to expand airport services through commitments with local businesses. The program is a chance for business leaders to support the La Crosse Regional Airport by conducting their business travel through the airport.

    The hope is these commitments will create demand for more services in La Crosse. 

    “If we can show the airlines that our business community supports the local airport and that they’re using it, that’ll go a long ways with being able to hopefully convince them to add additional services,” said La Crosse Regional Airport Director Clinton Torp. 

    A TSA Pre-check is coming to the airport as well, giving travelers a chance to make their trip through the security gates a little easier and faster.

    You can apply to the program at