The FAA Explores General Aviation Careers in their Latest Safety Briefing
September 23, 2016
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  • In Addition to Articles Exploring General Aviation Careers, the Safety Briefing Also Provides Information on Programs Pilots Can Do Volunteer Work With.

    For anyone considering pursuing a career in aviation, or wondering how you can get more involved in the general aviation community, you should also consider reading the FAA’s latest safety briefing, “Avenues to Aviation” for September/October 2016. In the safety briefing, the FAA explores different and varied aviation careers, with a specific focus on the arena of general aviation. The articles explore areas you can volunteer, and both flying and non-flying general aviation careers, including a selection of new jobs that have opened up due to the recent small Unmanned Aircraft Systems rules going into effect.

    More Details on Some of the Aviation Careers Explored in “Avenues to Aviation”

    In the Pathways to Pilothood article, ATP rated pilot Michael G. Gaffney explores the different avenues that can lead to aviation careers. “For one who wants to fly professionally in commercial aviation as a corporate or airline pilot, for example, the paths are tried and true. For someone who just wants the freedom of flying for pleasure or business, the pathway has more choices…”

    In The Airways Less Traveled: Alternate Career Options in Aviation, pilot and instructor James Williams explores some of the non-flying aviation careers, including careers in dispatch, aviation journalism, airport administration and more.

    A Little Bit of Everything: A Look at General Aviation Flying Career Options finds commercial pilot and A&P certified Tom Hoffman exploring general aviation careers such as teaching as a certified flight instructor, flying for hire (i.e. aerial photography, surveying, banner towing, glider towing, skydiving operations, sightseeing tours, etc.), and agricultural aviation jobs.faa

    Hoffman teams up with Sabrina Woods, who spent 12 years as an aircraft maintenance officer for Oh, The Places You’ll Go: A Look at the World of Aviation Maintenance Operations.

    And finally, pilot and Aviation Safety Analyst Brad C. Zeigler explores Piloting a Small Unmanned Aircraft Your Dream Job of the Future! covering everything from drone racing to wildlife management and aerial photography.