New Helicopter Will Help Patients in Southern Virginia
December 8, 2015
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  • The largest air medical provider in the world is continuing to investment in the Martinsville area.

    Tuesday, a new helicopter with the latest technology was revealed at the Blue Ridge Regional Airport.

    The brand new H-130 T-2 Air Methods Medical Helicopter lands at the Blue Ridge Regional Airport.

    “It has an auto pilot, anti collision weather reporting. So overall it makes it a lot safer for the medical crew the pilot and for the patients that we fly,” Nurse and Base Manager Anthony Raymond said.

    The company has replaced the current helicopter at the airport with this one.

    It’s the newest of its kind, with the latest in aviation and medical technology aboard.

    “Two medical providers, a pilot and one patients.” Raymond said.

    It’s critical care in the sky.

    “We have a cardiac monitor, ventilator and all the medications that you can use to help provide critical care for a patient,” Raymond said.

    There are only 10 in the world and one of them is now serving Southern Virginia.

    “Show a continued commitment to the region by placing a new aircraft in this area,” Raymond said.

    “These are experienced folks that go out and get the job done and definitely will save lives,” Airport Manager James Davis said.

    Davis says the company’s continued presence here means they continue to pay their rent, they continue to buy fuel and they continue to employ people that now live in the immediate area.

    “We’re doing our job reciprocating to them as they are to us so we look forward to spending many years here,” Davis said.

    Davis says they have a 20-year master plan for expansion and improvements throughout the airport including expanding the runway, a new terminal and ramp as well as a pavement rehabilitation project.