The Mustang Weekly: Aviation Class Puts Students in the Cockpit
November 4, 2015
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  • Aviation is not a class many people hear about. The class is much more than simply sitting in a chair and doing homework. It’s more about hands-on activities.

     In fact, students in the class recently had an opportunity to fly a plane. They were all generally excited about the unique experience they took part in. Senior Izak Swift shares his thoughts on his whole experience in flight.

    “It was a great experience to meet people who were in my position when they were my age. It also furthered my interest in general aviation,” he said.

     He also gained more knowledge about flying when up in the air.

     “Being in the plane and listening to the pilot communicate with different forms of air traffic control during flight was awesome,” Swift said.

     To prepare for their flight, the students used simulators. The simulators allow students to practice on basic controls and teaches them to use and trust their instruments. However, it doesn’t compare to the real thing.

     “On the real flight, you can feel the input of the controls. Versus on the simulator, you rely solely on your instruments to know what your plane is doing,” Swift said.

     Swift said he has learned many things from flying the plane, including compensating for crosswinds and diverting your flight path to allow air space for other planes.

    Swift as well as junior Kyle Holoien and senior Tanner Bump had some concerns about safety.

     “[My biggest fear is] going into a spin and not being able to come out of it,” Holoien said.

     By flying these planes, the aviation students can learn what to do when a situation comes. Bump agreed by saying, “I would trust the pilot and stay calm as I get some advice from him.”

     These three students, as well as the rest of the aviation classes, had a “once in a lifetime” chance to fly planes, which is something not a lot of people can say. These students also took an enormous risk that most people, even with training, would be terrified to do.