Craven Community College Aviation Program Brings More Jobs to Eastern NC
November 4, 2015
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  • More jobs for veterans and civilians are expanding through an aviation program at Craven Community College in eastern North Carolina.

    Steven McMahon served in the Army for eight years, but looking for work after getting out of the military wasn’t that easy.

    “Job set that I had, like I was infantry, so, you’re not prepared. I mean, they say you are when you’re getting out, but honestly, there’s not much you can translate in the civilian sector,” said McMahon.

    So now he’s in the aviation program at Craven Community College.

    “The instructors are really hands-on. They get us prepared for all the tests,” said McMahon.

    That test is how students can get their FAA certification.

    “This license prepares that student to go out in the civilian world and work on aircraft,” said Greg Purvis, director of the aviation program.

    Or they can look for jobs locally like North State Aviation in Kinston, an aircraft business that has grown to around 400 employees.

    “They came to our facility, interviewed from our facility and they took some of our military students and also some of our civilian students,” said Purvis.

    People from all different backgrounds can take part in the program, like Tiffany Bazemore, who was in the Coast Guard.

    “I actually just like engines and body work in general. I haven’t had a lot of experience really with the aviation part, just really marine and automotive. So this is more where I want to be,” said Bazemore.

    Jason Dumaliang Jr., who’s fresh out of high school, is also a student.

    “I’m so green that I think the most boring thing to everyone else here is the most fun thing to do like cleaning a helicopter…I thought was fun to do,” said Dumaliang.

    Getting their licenses can open the door for so many civilians as well as veterans, like McMahon.

    “Probably going to try and get a job over on base at FRC…that’s what my dad does,” said Mcmahon.

    If you would like to learn more about the aviation program, click here.