Kerry Lynch AIN
Aviation, Rural Groups Caution On ATC Control
June 5, 2015
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  • The Alliance for Aviation Across America, teaming with groups such as the National Farmers Union and the League of Rural Voters, is urging lawmakers to retain congressional control over the air transportation system. The alliance, along with several other organizations representing aviation, rural and agricultural communities, sent letters to both the House and Senate expressing concern over the growing debate about whether a separate entity should be created to run the nation’s ATC system.

    “We believe it is critical that congressional oversight be retained over our air transportation system, so that we ensure that the interests and needs of these communities be protected and represented in the system,” the letter said. “We are concerned about proposals to turn over authority over our air transportation system to any type of private board or entity, which would have authority over funding mechanisms and taxes.”

    The letter asks lawmakers to protect the interests of rural communities, and noted that general aviation and the network of airports are “a lifeline to small towns and rural communities around our nation.”