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Hobojet Allows Deep Discounts on Private Jet Flights
April 7, 2015
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  • SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -Traveling on a private jet is a luxury that most people cannot afford, but what if you could rent the entire plane for you and your friends for as little as a hundred dollars?

    It’s a luxury that used to be reserved for the rich and famous, but one Arizona company, Hobojet, is hoping to change that.

    Every day there are hundreds of private jets that are empty as they fly to and from a city to pick up passengers. What Hobojet does is rent out those particular planes.

    “We take their legs and try to sell them on a last minute basis, so they have steep, steep discounts,” said Josh Allen with Hobojet.

    Hobojet works with a number of charter jet companies to fill flights at select destinations, including Scottsdale Airport.

    “We start at turbo-props… and we’ve gone up to Gulfstream IV’s,” said Allen.

    Prices range from $100 to rent an entire plane on a short flight on a smaller plane, to a couple thousand for a trans-continental flight.

    “As long as you’re flexible you can get steep, steep discounts. Sometimes it’s a bucket list item for people. Private jets were not accessible before, and now they are,” he said.

    The flights might be deeply discounted, but you have to be flexible on your travel plans. Most of the flights are only one-way.

    But what you do get is an entire airplane all to yourself, or for all your friends, that has no middle seat, no crying babies, and no lines.

    These are one way trips, and Hobojet says they are hoping to keep adding more and more destinations.