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Bizav Urged To Submit Emissions-Reduction Initiatives
April 1, 2015
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  • The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), which counts several business aviation associations among its members, issued a call for submissions detailing aviation-related projects that help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It will select the 100 “most enterprising, innovative, or interesting case studies” and feature them inATAG’s Global Sustainable Aviation Summit 2015 publication that will be presented to governments, ICAO and other attendees at the COP 21 climate meeting in Paris in December. All of the submissions for “Aviation 100 Climate Solutions” will also be showcased online.

    “It is particularly important that business aviation be represented in ATAG’s Aviation 100, as the COP 21 meeting—a global gathering to address the climate challenge, attended by delegations from all countries, including many heads of state—will take place at Paris Le Bourget Airport, one of Europe’s most important business aviation airports,” said Middle East Business Aviation Association founding chairman Ali Al Naqbi. “I encourage members of the business aviation community who have undertaken projects to reduce CO2 emissions to submit descriptions of those initiatives—no matter how small—and receive credit for their efforts.”