Craig Smith KGUN 9
Helicopter Rescue in Sabino Canyon
March 19, 2015
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  • TUCSON (KGUN9-TV)  – A teenage girl was safe Thursday night– after a tricky rescue in Sabino Canyon.

    She started having medical problems during a hike to Seven Falls. That led to the Pima Sheriff’s helicopter flying in to get her out.
    Sabino Canyon is a peaceful place that attracts hundreds of hikers a day.

    But trouble hit for one group of teenagers on the trail.

    A fifteen year old girl started having a serious medical emergency.

    Austin Sfrega says he was part of the hiking group. “Right away we called the paramedics, asked what we should do.  We laid her down.  We did everything they told us to do.  These guys were alright.”

    Emergency crews rolled in.  By this time other rescuers had already hiked in to the group.

    It was decided helicopter was the best way to bring out the girl, so the Pima Sheriff’s Helicopter landed briefly, picked up more rescuers and headed to the falls.

    The helicopter had no room to land.  Hiker Patrick DeWitt watched rescuers pick up the woman without touching down.

    “Watched them rappel out of it, and pick someone up.  They had a stretcher on the side of the helicopter and bring them back.”

    Once back where the helicopter could land, rescuers loaded the young woman into an ambulance for a trip to a hospital. She’s expected to be fine.