Neosho Airport Continues to Offer Low Fuel Prices
March 2, 2015
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  • NEOSHO, MO.— The Neosho airport manager says they have some of the lowest fuel costs in the area.

    “Right now my jet is 3.26 a gallon, my hundred low lead is 3.85 a gallon,” said Chuck Graves, Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport Manger.

    The low fuel costs have increased air traffic by more than 50%.

    “We do see aircraft coming into our airport from other destinations, based on the fuel prices,” said Dana Daniel, Neosho Economic Development Director.

    “I think it makes me real competitive with the other airports, getting a lot more air traffic. I get a lot of transit aircraft comes through here. And, you know, they can look it up on the website and see that I’ve got the lowest fuel prices,” said Graves.

    City leaders say the prices have also attracted more corporate plane pilots to Neosho.

    “The pilots, they’re very grateful for the low prices. And once they get here, they always compliment on the customer service they get here,” said Daniel.

    “It cost hundreds of dollars to gas up a jet sometimes. So if they can save, you know, anything, it’s beneficial to them,” said Graves.

    Not only are more people flying in due to the low fuel prices, but even more pilots are wanting to stay.

    “We stay full with our hangars all the time. We got a waiting list most them time for them,” said Graves.

    By keeping the hangars full, the city can save $175 a month.