Golden Eagles Give Back to Community During Annual Aviation Day
February 17, 2015
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  • The Golden Eagles Flight Team of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University continue to impress and inspire those on campus, in the aviation world, and within the community. On Saturday, Feb. 7, the team held their annual Aviation Day over at the ERAU flight line. Every year the Golden Eagles partner up with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Prescott to bring the prospect of aviation to the rest of the community.

    At this year’s event, the team brought together many Bigs and Littles and showed them various exciting aviation related things including a static display of the Cessna 172, and ground events such as Computer Accuracy, Aircraft Identification and Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation. Those from Big Brothers, Big Sisters even had a chance to experience flight hands on: two simulators were open for them to fly and land in. To get an even better idea as to what happens up in the air, the weather conditions within the simulators were continuously changing.

    After the events, members of the Golden Eagles led their guests over to The Patio, a small restaurant on the flight line, for lunch and paper airplane making. Whilst at lunch, everyone had a shot to prove their paper airplane worthy for flight. The team and the Bigs/Littles shared laughs and created memories as they competed to make the best short field landing on the miniature runway at The Patio.

    Members of the Golden Eagles would say that Aviation Day was a huge success. It was overall a fun and interesting event that not only helped spread the influence of aviation, but also gave back to the community. Both the Bigs and the Littles were able to be exposed to a side of aviation, as well as aviation competitions, that they can’t get in the general aviation industry. Golden Eagles member Allison Little says that “taking groups from event to event and answering questions was the best part… Seeing the way the littles’ faces light up when they sat in the 172 or pointed out an abandoned airport on a sectional reminded me of why I decided to pursue aviation as a career field and why I love being a part of the team.”  The Flight Team, and the Prescott community, most certainly looks forward to next year’s Aviation Day and will always cherish the memories they made this year.