Kansas is America’s Per-Capita General Aviation Champion
February 11, 2015
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  • When it comes to the per-capita economic impact of general aviation, Kansas is king.

    The Sunflower State ranks No. 1 in terms of per capita economic impact, according to a new study from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

    The study also shows Kansas is tops in terms of economic output as a percentage of total output by state and in the total number of jobs supported by the industry as a share of statewide employment.

    The bulk of the impact comes from Wichita, home to Textron Aviation’s Beechcraft and Cessna divisions, Bombardier’s Learjet division and a sprawling general aviation supply cluster.

    The study, using data from 2013, found that general aviation in Kansas represented a total labor income of $2.8 billion and GDP contribution of $3.7 billion.

    In terms of total industry employment, Kansas was No. 6 at 42,300.

    As an industry, general aviation supports 1.1 million jobs, create $219 billion in total economic output and has a total GDP contribution of $109 billion.

    GAMA’s full economic impact study is available on its website.