Dog Taken to Greener Pastures by Watertown Pilot
January 31, 2015
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  • Sasha is going to change her life. Her path here hasn’t been easy. She was found as a stray in Canada after being abandoned by her former owners. But things were looking up in October when she was put into foster care.


    As the weather got colder they noticed that there was some interesting behaviors with the paws and extreme shaking and as it got colder and colder it became more pronounced,” said Deanna Bliuvas, Director of Pilots ‘N’ Paws Canada.

    Sasha’s condition is so severe she can’t stay in Canada. That’s why she’s being flown down to Florida.


    For us to be sending dogs into the US this is very unusual,” said Bliuvas.

    Pilots’N’ Paws of Canada couldn’t bring Sasha down through the US themselves. That’s why they looked for some help.


    Okay, let’s try and see if our counterparts down in the US would step up and help and sure enough they did in a big way,” said Bliuvas.

    Over the course of a month the plan to get Sasha down to Florida was put together. Now six pilots are chipping in to bring this golden retriever to her new home. Ryan Grant is flying the first leg from Watertown to Elmira.

    “It just happened to work out that I could make the flight so we volunteered our time here and we’re ready to get her down to Florida. I have the benefit of being able to fly airplanes, the benefit of learning how to fly and it’s just a chance to give back,” said Ryan Grant, pilot.

    Without pilots like Grant stepping in to help, Sasha’s life would be limited during the cold winter months.


    She would be stuck inside that whole period of time. That’s no life for a dog,” said Bliuvas.

    That’s why Saturday is such a big day for Sasha. Now her new, more fulfilling life takes off.