Aviation Growth Projected in Wichita
January 8, 2015
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  • WICHITA, Kan. – Aviation leaders shared some good news on Thursday, telling us that the aviation sector in Wichita and South Central Kansas is projected grow with more jobs.

    The South Central delegation held it’s annual meeting today where aviation was one of the topics discussed.

    Bombardier says while it doesn’t expect big-time growth and the recovery in the aviation industry has been slow, orders are picking up.

    “We see growth for the commercial side of the house, we see some slow growth on the business side, particularly on the larger aircraft side,”
    Bombardier Aerospace Director of Operations John Dieker said. “The general aviation side that we do business in here in Wichita: growth, but a slower upswing from what we experienced 10 years ago.”

    Dieker also spoke to legislators about the importance of NIAR and the National Center for Aviation Training.

    He says there are many other towns and states competing for companies.