Why Own Your Own Jet? Flexibility During The Mission…
November 9, 2014
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  • For decades, the world’s richest people have enjoyed the luxury, privacy and convenience of private aviation.

    Long associated with legendary names and prestigious places, Private Aviation is considered the most exclusive service industry, this industry is flourishing!

    After the US and Europe, private jet planes went to Russia, India and China and more and more businessmen, successful entrepreneurs, pop icons or wealthy individuals are enthusiastically paying the price

    Only top-end service quality and real benefits offered to users can explain this phenom, as operators continuously strive to upgrade their standards and you will appreciate the such benefits if you decide to take the plunge.

    Flexibility During the mission, the aircraft and the crew are totally dedicated to you.

    You can fix your schedule and destinations and even change them mid-way during the flight. If you are late the cabin door does not slam in your face, the plane waits for you!

    This benefit is huge, as you can  involve yourself fully in your business discussions and show confidence without feeling the time pressure of your next flight taking off without you.

    Non-Stop and Direct Flights Non-stop and direct flights allow you to reach several destinations in just 1 day without worrying about lengthy and unpredictable connections.

    In emerging countries, your jet operators will circumvent all the bureaucratic complexity of your cross-regional travels to enable you to reach your destinations on time.

    Comfort for a very exclusive service, the cabin is equipped according to your wishes; furniture, television, CD, DVD, etc. and the catering responds to your tastes, even providing you, if necessary, your preferred bottles of Champagne, wine, and spirits.

    Designed by Embraer for comfort and luxury, the Lineage 1000’s interiors can for instance be set up with 5 distinct zones allowing its 19 passengers to independently and simultaneously do business, relax, or to be served their best dinner ever.

    As a businessperson, you appreciate such a relaxing in-flight environment that allows you to arrive rested and fully ready to close important deals.

    Privacy and efficiency your operators have confidentiality clauses and thus commit to keep secret the information about your trips and who you travel with.

    In addition, discreet airports with specific terminals for business aviation and lounges dedicated to business provide total privacy and intimacy before and after your flights.

    During the flights, you can conduct business with your colleagues or hold an intimate discussion without being listened to or spied on from over your shoulders as is often the case on commercial airlines.

    Metro Jet, the pioneer for business aviation in Hong Kong, will even propose you use their sumptuous large-cabin Gulfstream G200 as static or flying offices if adequate space is lacking at your local meeting destination.

    Of course, the jet planes are equipped with telephone and fax lines as well as a broad-band Internet connections.