Students Get Aviation Industry’s V.I.P. Treatment
September 5, 2014
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  • Some West Fargo high school students received the V.I.P. treatment, in an effort to quickly get students on a successful career track. Students were flown into Grand Forks on this historic DC-3 plane that will soon be on display at the Fargo Air Museum.

    The event was sponsored by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. The idea behind all this is to get students on a career track, before they start at a technical school or college.

    West Fargo already offers high school students an aviation class.

    Denise Jonas, Cass Co. Career & Tech Center: “To have students get excited and learn more about it and create that interest in high school so that they pursue their careers in college.”

    Today, students had the chance to speak with aviation companies that are searching for employees. The number of aviation connected jobs right here in the valley is expected to explode in coming years with the development and research surrounding drones.

    Pete Bunce, General Aviation Manufacturers Association: “But we need also, safety specialist, people who understand the aviation business. So to have aviation woven into the fabric of North Dakota is pretty exciting for all of us, and that’s why it’s such an honor to be here.”

    It appears all this is allowing students to figure out a much clearer path of what they want to do with their lives. Plus, aviation looks to be industry that can keep this next generation of students, right here in the Valley.

    Reporter: “Do yo think you’ll have a job in this area when you graduate?”

    Austin Aker, Student: “I think it’s a pretty good chance. There are a lot of engineering jobs and flights now.”

    Reporter: “Would you like to stay around here?”

    Aker: “Yeah, I’ll like to stay around the North Dakota-Minnesota area.”

    Reporter: “You want to be a mechanic?”

    Brooke Anderson, Student: “Yeah.”

    Reporter: “Would you like to stay around here?”

    Anderson: “Yes, I’d like stay in the West Fargo, Grand Forks area.”

    North Dakota’s Congressional delegation also took part in a rally at today’s event, in an effort to promote the aviation industry in the Valley.