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'Young Eagle' Takes the Flight of His Life
July 30, 2014
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  • A teenager from Kansas took the flight of his life Tuesday at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.

    As part of the Young Eagles program, 13-year-old Kord Thompson of Andover, KS, took a flight with Sean Tucker, one of the best-known acrobatic pilots in the world.

    “Taking kids like Kord up and showing him our world, and for us to be able to see through his eyes flight for the one of the first times, is magical for us,” said Tucker, chairman of Young Eagles.

    With a parachute strapped to his back and basic instructions on how the plane works, it was time for takeoff.

    When you fly with Sean Tucker, you fly with his team, side-by-side, stacked on top of one another.  You even go upside down.

    “They went with us because they share the Young Eagles vision, and they wanted to show Kord that they care as well. And they’re promoting flight, as well, so it was really fun,” said Tucker.

    It’s fun that Kord Thompson never expected to have when he signed up for his Young Eagles flight.  It’s an experience he will never forget.

    “I was worried when they put they parachute on, but then we went up and it was fun, especially the roller coaster and all of that.  It was fun,” said Thompson.

    Kord said the flight really did peak his interest in aviation, and he plans to get his pilot’s license.