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First Production HondaJet Nearly Completed
May 20, 2014
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  • We may mention Honda around here mostly for its cars, but the Japanese industrial giant makes a whole lot more than that. The company builds motorcycles, ATVs, marine engines, power equipment and – soon enough – jet airplanes.

    Honda has been working on its first private jet since before 2006, and after a good eight years or so of prototype testing, began building its first production version a bit over a year ago. And now it’s almost ready for delivery.

    The first production HondaJet is nearing completion and has had its GE Honda HF120 jet engines installed, after which it will conduct initial ground tests before taking its first flight this summer. The jet is painted in a new shade of pearl green with a gold stripe, added to the color catalog alongside the silver, red, yellow and blue options.

    Honda Aircraft has 1,000 employees already working on eight more jets in various stages of production, set to be completed and delivered right after the plane achieves FAA type certification next year.