Fire Burns 10 Acres In Brownfield
May 8, 2014
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  • BROWNFIELD — A permitted burn that “went out of control” consumed 10 acres of woods off of Dugway Road in Brownfield on Wednesday afternoon, said fire chief Richard Perreault.

    The blaze took six hours to extinguish and involved over a half dozen regional fire departments, said Rowe. The Maine Forest Service used a helicopter to drop water on the fire. Other departments that responded were Center Conway, Denmark, Bridgdon, Naples, Fryeburg and Fryeburg Rescue.

    “I want to thank everybody for the help,” said Perrault.

    Fryeburg Fire and Fryeburg Rescue were called to fight and support two wildland fires on Wednesday: one in Fryeburg and the other was the 10 acres in Brownfield, said Eric Meltzer of Fryeburg Rescue and Fryeburg Fire Department.

    “Wildfire season is upon us so please exercise extreme caution and be sure to get a permit before any open burning,” said Meltzer. “Never leave a fire unattended, even if it’s contained, and don’t hesitate to call for help when needed.”

    Saco Valley Fire responded to Brownfield, said Meltzer.