New Fee Structure for Airport
March 11, 2014
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  • Commercial aircraft operators at Lloydminster’s airport will soon see their user fees take a flight of their own, after City Council approved an updated fee structure.

    City councilor Linnea Goodhand, said the changes in structure were a long time coming for the airport, with user fees having not changed since 2005.

    “We have implemented fee structure changes at the airport they have not been reviewed or updated, or increased since 2005 so the administration felt the review was overdue,” said Goodhand.

    Goodhand said the fee reform has to do with newly integrated software that allows for a more ‘user friendly’ fee collection system.
    “The planned increased revenue means increased profitability, it is in a negative right now but so are a lot of city facilities. Anytime that we raise more money, we can either spend more or save more and either way it is a good thing,” Goodhand said.

    The increased fees will only significantly affect commercial aircraft and flight training operators with the rate for private usership left alone from the increases.

    “There are some negative impacts for our commercial users out there but there should be no cost and maybe even some savings for our private plane owners so a little bit of good and a little bit of bad,” said Goodhand.

    Privately owned aircraft under 2,000 lbs. or less will face no increased landing fee, however if the aircraft weighs over 2,000  lbs. then the operator will pay a fee of $3.90.

    Other changes include all commercial operators now being subject to landing fees, flight training facing a minimum landing fee of $14.20 per aircraft per day, and all aircraft parked for over 48 hours facing an airport parking fee.