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London Dogs Flying High to New Homes in Indiana
February 19, 2014
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  • Michael Mitchell says it was his love for animals that prompted him to join Pilots N Paws, a non-profit organization that transports animals to safe homes.

    Wednesday afternoon, four dogs from the Laurel County Animal Shelter took flight to their new Indiana homes.

    Ezmrelda, a pregnant dog, along with three puppies, were on board.

    Mitchell and his crew took off from the London-Corbin Airport, he says Northern states are more accommodating for the homeless animals.

    “It’s nice to get them to places where there’s less population,” said Mitchell, “and they have more room for them.”

    The transportation began on social media, one volunteer at the shelter says she’s thankful for the generosity of these workers.

    “The Indiana rescue group saw our Facebook page, ‘Friends of Laurel County Animal Shelter’ and committed to the mother,” says Rescue Coordinator Lana Smith, “and put it out there on the Pilots N Paws website. We had a pilot out of Lexington commit. And so it just went from there.”

    Pilots N Paws has worked with the Laurel County Animal Shelter with transports before.

    Volunteers say they’re always looking for extra help, especially with the warmer weather and inevitable “puppy season” approaching.

    “I’ve got lots of good words to say about the people on the ground volunteering,” says Mitchell, “but if we had more of those people that would help.”

    Laurel County Animal Shelter volunteers say they need vaccination donations, along with spare blankets, old newspapers, or just a helping hand.

    If you’re interested in helping out or adopting an animal from the shelter, you can call (606) 864-6319 for more information, or visit the “Friends of the Laurel County Animal Shelter” Facebook page.