Global General Aviation Deliveries Rose in 2013; Wichita Shows Mixed Results
February 19, 2014
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  • Global deliveries of general aviation aircraft rose 4.3 percent to 2,256 in 2013, when compared to 2012.

    That meant increased total billings for the companies that build those aircraft, a figure which rose from $18.9 billion to $23.4 billion year over year.

    The numbers were part of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association annual report released on Wednesday.

    Piston aircraft, turboprops, and business jets all had year-over-year gains in global deliveries, albeit a smaller increase for the jets — 0.9 percent to 678, or six more total aircraft than in 2012.

    Turboprops had the largest gain, up to 645 deliveries, a 10.4 percent increase year over year.

    Piston aircraft deliveries increased 2.7 percent to 933.

    But with each segment showing improvement of some kind, GAMA President Pete Bunce said the yearly results “fuel cautious optimism” heading into 2014.

    Local manufacturers had somewhat of a mixed year, however, according to GAMA’s new figures.

    Beechcraft Corp. saw deliveries rise from 157 to 211, while total deliveries for Cessna Aircraft Co. fell from 571 to 450.

    In addition, Bombardier Aerospace delivered 28 of its Wichita-built Learjet models — 10 fewer than it did in 2012.

    GAMA’s full report is available on its website.