Exception Service Helps Angel MedFlight Raise the Bar in International Air Ambulance Transports
February 19, 2014
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  • Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance has been an innovator in the air ambulance business from the beginning, and this year, the company celebrates its seventh anniversary as an industry leader in international air medical transport.

    In 2007, company founder Jeremy T. Freer was working his way through medical school as a flight paramedic. He recognized the need for an improved system when he witnessed patients in life-threatening situations having to wait for their insurance companies to approve medical flights. Frustrated, he saw that the system needed to be fixed, so he set out to start his own company.

    Today, patients and case managers around the world value Angel MedFlight’s exceptional service, care and commitment to patient advocacy.

    The company’s One Touch Promise® means having a team in place to handle every aspect of a patient’s medical flight to reduce further stress to patients and their families needing to arrange an air medical transport. The One Touch Promise® means Angel MedFlight’s flight coordination team handles all the logistics including transfers between medical facilities, ground ambulance support, developing a detailed itinerary for family and medical staff as well as contacting the insurance company for pre-authorization. This service allows families to focus their attention on their loved one.

    After arranging flight details, Angel MedFlight provides its Bedside-to-Bedside® service with the same medical team assigned to the patient’s flight also at the patient’s side throughout the transfer, from air to ground, and from the sending to the receiving facility to ensure continuity of care.

    The medical team accompanies the patient in the ground ambulance to the airport, where a state-of-the-art Learjet stands by ready and fueled for takeoff. The company owns, operates and maintains a fleet of Learjet 35s and 60s. These medically-configured, pressurized business jets fly at higher altitudes for a smooth ride for the patient and family.

    When it comes to providing care, compassion and patient advocacy, Angel MedFlight’s mission is to do it right, every time.