Cathy Evans KTEN
Design Process Set to Begin at North Texas Regional Airport
February 18, 2014
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  • A long-awaited project to improve the North Texas Regional airport is about to take off.

    County Commissioner’s voted to get the project moving today.

    Airport Director Mike Shahan says there are three main areas that need to be improved.

    “We have some bad erosion problems out there on some of our drainage detention ponds. Some of the areas I can literally stand in some of the drainage gullies so we need to try and fix that.”

    Another problem is wildlife. Coyotes have been causing havoc on the runways.

    “Coyotes and aircraft do not mix. And they can cause tens and thousands of dollars worth of damage should one of them run into a coyote on takeoff or landing,” says Shahan.

    The design calls for construction of a new fence on the south side of the airport to keep wildlife from crossing onto airport property, especially the runways.

    A ramp will also be added to provide access to future hangers that may be built. The airport already has some private investors interested.

    “We have some that are interested in coming to build some additional smaller hangers so its needed just to help spur economic development out at the airport,” says Shahan.

    Shahan went before the Commissioner’s Court Tuesday morning where he was given approval for engineers to begin the design process which will be done by Garvin Engineering.

    “The North Texas Regional Airport at Perrin Field truly can be the catalyst, can be what we need in economic development growth. So we have all been supportive of the airport and done a lot to help continue it to move in the right direction,” says Grayson County Judge, Drue Bynum.

    Shahan says without keeping the facility properly maintained it won’t be usable in the future.