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Climbing Temps Excites Residents, Travelers
January 30, 2014
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  • There is no doubt the winter storm affected many along the Gulf Coast.

    The winter storm has been a big problem for people trying to get from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’ not only on the road, but in the air.

    While Mobile Regional Airport re-opened at noon Thursday, the gates were empty making for a nearly desolate terminal and upset travelers.

    “I’m stuck here another day. I was actually going to go back in town and get another hotel and get my rental car back but I think I’m just going to crash here at the airport,” said CPO John McGilvery. He was stuck in Mobile since Sunday after two cancelled flights, including one Thursday morning.

    “I felt like today shouldn’t have been cancelled because obviously the weather is clearing up so there are plenty of flights are leaving, but what are you going to do,” said McGilvery.

    And he was not the only one…

    “Was supposed to fly out yesterday at 5, but rescheduled for this morning and that flight got cancelled and now I’m on standby for a flight later today,” said Katie Smith. She was flying to Atlanta.

    “Well, I was supposed to fly out yesterday and I’m hoping to get out today so one More day in Mobile wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good,” said Bridgette Behe, flying to East Lansing, Michigan.

    By the end of the day Thursday, the ice was melting faster as the temperatures rose. However, in midtown Mobile, ice was still seen in shady areas.

    “We’ve been locked inside because of the ice and we don’t want to fall, which I did yesterday taking my dog on a walk. But I’m ok. I had to de-ice my car. I had to Google how to do it because we are from Mobile and we don’t know how to do de-ice any windows so I had to YouTube how to do it and it took 45 minutes but that’s ok because I’m sure there is an easier way. Today is the first day I’m going in my car, out of the house, because I have major cabin fever. I really do,” said Barrett Baker.

    When FOX10 News caught up with Barrett, she was heading to work…something she, along with many Mobilians could not do the past two days.

    At Trax Tires on Schillinger Road in West Mobile, Kim McKeand told FOX10 News the business suffered an economic impact due to the Winter Storm.

    “Most of our employees are hourly so not only did they lose money this week but also we did also because no one was traveling,” said McKeand.

    However, today she said business has picked up.

    “We had a lot of people come in today with wanting us to check the air pressure. Because when it’s cold outside and retired actually loses its air pressure. Especially driving on ice and then the cold Air that came in so today that’s probably been the biggest issue.”