Napa-Based CHP Helicopter Rescues Hang Glider Pilot
January 9, 2014
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  • Late Tuesday morning, the California Highway helicopter based at Napa County Airport responded to the rescue of a 63-year-old hang glider who had crashed into eucalyptus trees at Ed Levin County Park in Santa Clara County.

    According to the CHP’s Golden Gate Division Air Unit, the man was hanging 50 feet off the ground, underneath the hang glider.

    While Officer/Pilot Mike McAuley hovered 150 feet above the trees, Officer/Paramedic Mark Mitchell lowered Officer/Pilot James Andrews on a hoist cable, said Sgt. Duncan Jensen.

    When he reached the hang glider in the trees, Andrews attached a safety line to the man before cutting him free of the kite, according to the CHP.

    McAuley and Mitchell then lowered Andrews and the hang glider to the ground. The rescued man was uninjured, Jensen said. CHP Helicopter 30 was responding at the request of the Milpitas Fire Department, Jensen said.