Flying High… Breaking Records
January 8, 2014
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  • Just four days into the new year, those involved with the Coolidge airport had a reason to celebrate.

    During the year’s first fly-in at the Coolidge Municipal Airport on Jan. 4, a larger-than-average group of planes was on exhibit for a larger-than-average group of people to watch. The attendance was so high, in fact, that the Lions Club, which provides breakfast each month, sold over 400 plates, a number that those involved could not remember being passed before.

    Perhaps it was getting some warm food in their systems on a (relatively) cold morning, or maybe it was because the Lions Club was helped by the Coolidge High School softball team in an attempt to raise money for their upcoming season. But regardless of the reason, the fly-in became much more lively than in the past.

    And in the skies, the show lived up to the expectations. In one instance, six planes flew in formation, flying fast and close over the airport. History buffs were treated to planes that were made over 50 years ago.

    Pilots on the scene discussed how impressed they were with the level of support the fly-in receives on a monthly basis from both the people of the surrounding communities and the city leaders in Coolidge. For them, it’s a nice break from the events where it is just a punch of pilots hanging out on their own.

    The fly-ins occur on the first Saturday of every month until March. The next one will be held on Feb. 1.