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All Forms of Transportation Merge at Charlotte Location
January 8, 2014
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  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The new Norfolk Southern Intermodal yard, which sits on property owned by Charlotte-Douglas Airport, is expected to generate billions for the Charlotte region over the next two decades.

    “We are really excited with the partnership with Norfolk Southern,” said Brent Cagle, Interim Airport Director. “The estimates suggest this Intermodal yard will have a $7 billion economic impact to the community.”

    Cagle said the new facility will attract new business to the area, and allow those already here to grow. The Intermodal will also bring more jobs to the area in construction projects and expansion, thereby creating a constant revenue streams for the region.

    The new facility sits on land next to the airport’s newest runway, which makes this particular Intermodal different from others in the county.
    “It attracts the kinds of customers that want to use air freight as well as Intermodel.” said Robin Chapman, Norfolk Southern Corporation. “It will attract the kind of companies that find that type of transportation options in one spot attractive.”

    Intermodal Freight transports goods in containers on trains, which are moved without the need to unload the containers. Norfolk Southern moved its location from North Davidson to the airport location to allow it room to grow.

    “We had 40 acres over there (Noda), and here (Charlotte-Douglas) we have 200 acres,” said Chapman.

    Norfolk Southern leases the area from the airport for $1 million a year, but has a ten year window where it can opt out of the lease agreement and negotiate to purchase the land outright.

    “That is something that could happen,” said Cagel. “I believe that was something that they were looking at when they were looking at the move,” he said.