Wichita Falls' City Officials Hoping to Get Extra Money for Airport Construction
January 7, 2014
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  • The soon to be Wichita Falls Regional Airport is hoping to get some extra funding to complete construction.

    Tuesday morning councilors approved the city manager to apply to be re-designated into the Federal Aviation Administration Military Airport Program.

    This program will allow them to request over two million dollars to help build passenger bridges and demolish the current terminal building.

    Director of Aviation, Traffic and Transportation John Burrus says the project is secure with its current budget but getting the extra money will free up funds to do other things such as repair Armstrong Drive, Security Road for hanger tenants, apron repair.

    He says city officials are also waiting a little longer to make the official name change from the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport to The Wichita Falls Regional Airport.

    “So what we’re trying to do is time it and tie it in with the way finding sign program as well as the demolition of the old terminal so it will be a seamless transition,” says Burrus.

    Burrus says construction has been on time and he expects the new terminal to be opened by Thanksgiving.