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Louisville Airport Soars on World Ranking List
December 27, 2013
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  • Business has taken off at Louisville International Airport, landing it at number seven on the list of world’s busiest cargo hot spots, according to Airport Council International.
    “There’s not many airports that, that can make that boast in the world, much less here in the United States,” Louisville Regional Airport Authority Executive Director, Skip Miller said.
    The airport climbed two spots to beat out other world hubs like Paris and Frankfurt, Germany.
    “We should feel very good about that as a community take a lot of pride in that,” Miller said.
    We hopped on a tour on the tarmac and took note of the upgrades to make sure companies like UPS are happy.
    Miller said the money is well spent. The airport calculates its economic impact at $7 billion while also employing 17,000 people.
    “The more folks put to work, the more prosperity you’ve got and the better it is for everybody. this is a major component of that,” Miller explained.
    Airport officials are projecting a global net profit of $12.9 billion for the airport for 2013.