Governor Unveils Airport Improvement Plan
December 18, 2013
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  • Calling energy “Hawaii’s most important economic enterprise right now”, Governor Neil Abercrombie unveiled an ambitious plan to overhaul 12 airports in the state, and in the process save $518 million over the next 20 years.

    Jonhon Controls was awarded the 20-year contract.  The company will be responsible for replacing 75,000 lighting fixtures, 372 transformers, installing 9100 photovoltaic panels and upgrading water and A/C systems.   Construction will take two years.  The remaining time on the contract will be spent on oversight and maintenance.

    The project, set to begin in January and be completed by December 2015, will add over 400 jobs to the state’s economy.

    “Jobs not only in the construction and maintenance phase of things, but the sustaining of jobs and the increase in capacity for the airport” said the Governor.

    The state is funding the project by selling $167 million in certificates of participation in the bond market.  That sum will be repaid through the energy savings.  Hence, there will be no added burden to the taxpayer and airport user.

    The Hawaii Department of Transportation will save $15.8 million in utility savings the first year after the project is implemented, and an additional 5% in savings each remaining year of the contract.