Shae Dalrymple HERALD STAR
Authority Institutes Plane Fees
December 11, 2013
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  • The Jefferson County Regional Airport Authority met Monday and approved the implementation of a “user fee” to be assessed on aircraft based at the airport but do not have a hangar contract. The fee will be half of the current monthly rental fee, which varies on different hangars, but it will not be less than $75 per month.

    In other business, the Federal Aviation Administration discovered errors on a new property map developed by Richland Engineering Limited in the course of the current runway extension project. An FAA spokesman informed the authority that the map must be redrawn from the beginning entirely, and members of the authority intend to contact Richland regarding the problem. Members generally seemed to agree that the errors are the responsibility of Richland Engineering. According to Secretary and Treasurer Gary Folden, the airport will work toward correcting the inaccuracies.

    Two amendments were made to the new vehicle-use policy after being requested by Jefferson County commissioners, and the policy was adopted. The amendments involved employee use of the courtesy vehicle, specifically making sure that pilots have priority and employees are only using it for certain activities.

    Members of the airport authority also voted to purchase a new computer for the finance office at a cost of $1,008.41. The County Data Processing department had recommended replacement because the current computer has been causing problems in handling financial tasks involved with the budgetary system.

    The meeting ended with a closed executive session to discuss contract negotiations and to establish a rate for the hangar that is being considered for rental.