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Four Corners Airport Expanding to Attract Corporate Traffic
December 4, 2013
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  • FARMINGTON, N.M. — Getting people to fly out of the Four Corners Regional Airport in Farmington has been a constant struggle.

    But now the airport is switching gears, hoping a new plan will make a difference.

    For years, the Four Corners Regional Airport has struggled to get traffic through their airports, and as result, they’ve had to cut flights.

    “I miss the Albuquerque connections. I miss that and there’s nothing to Phoenix either,” said Tami Jenkins, a traveler visiting her family in Farmington

    Instead of relying on commercial flights, the airport is shifting its focus to corporate and general aviation.

    The airport hopes to expand corporate services by attracting corporate aircraft storage and more businesses that specialize in aircraft maintenance and parts manufacturing.

    The city says they’ve seen a demand for companies who fly their employees around for business.

    “It’s more advantageous for the corporations to move their personnel on private aircrafts,” said Bob Campbell, assistant city manager.

    The airport would also like to expand by building more Tee hangars for private planes.

    “We actually have a waiting list for folks who want hangers for their private aircraft,” said Campbell.

    Construction on the new hangars will take place next year. The project will also focus on updating the airport’s taxi-ways.

    About 93 percent of funding for the project is coming from the federal government. The rest will be split between the state and the city.