Tarps to Prevent Mistaken Landings at Gary Airport
December 2, 2013
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  • GARY, Ind. – The Gary/Chicago International Airport is spending up to $80,000 to add blue tarps to its runway extension to prevent pilots from mistakenly trying to land there before the project is finished.

    The blue tarp will be placed over black sand spread on the runway and will be weighed down with sandbags.

    The Times reports the 1,900-foot extension will not be connected to the existing main runway for a while because of difficulties removing pollution and finalizing agreements allowing trains to move off an embankment.

    The embankment carrying Canadian National trains separates the extension from the main 7,000-foot runway.

    The tarps were decided on after the Federal Aviation Administration rejected suggestions to erect billboards or install red lights to ward off pilots.