Airports Contribute $11 Billion to Missouri Economy
November 26, 2013
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  • A recent study by the Missouri Department of Transportation revealed that 108 of the airports it helps support contribute 100,621 jobs with a payroll of $3.1 billion to the Missouri economy.

    When all economic activities are considered, total annual economic output of Missouri’s airports is estimated at $11.1 billion. This represents 4.3% of the gross state product.

    Using FAA guidelines, the Missouri Statewide Airports Economic Impact Study looked at the direct and indirect impacts nine commercial and 99 public-use airports make to Missouri’s economy. It indicated that the economic contribution of Missouri airports grew 17.1% in the past decade, despite the economic recession that began in 2007.

    “In addition to airports’ status as a substantial job and payroll contributor, we found communities large and small rely on Missouri airports to spur economic growth and increase access to regional and worldwide markets.” said MoDOT Director Dave Nichols. “This is just the kind of activity Missourians who have been participating in the development of our Long Range Transportation Plan told us they want to see increase during the next 20 years.”

    “It’s also important to note that Missouri aircraft are used to rescue, to transport patients and medical personnel, to treat crops and monitor forests, among other activities,” said Bryan Gregory, MoDOT aviation operations manager. “Aviation contributes to our quality of life.”

    Airport study details can be found at MoDOT’s website

    Airports contribute $11 billion to Missouri economy